9 lutego 2018

Socjologia – II stopień (w języku angielskim)


2-year general academic studies leading to the professional title of master’s degree  (II degree)


What will you learn here?

Sociology is an internally diverse discipline. Second degree studies provide students with knowledge about multidimensional processes and social phenomena, allow them to acquire practical skills related to diagnosing and interpreting ongoing processes and let them to develop social competences. In addition, those who graduated  this studies know the complex mechanisms of functioning of social life. A graduate of the second degree studies knows and is able to apply both classical and contemporary social theoriesin empirical studies as well as knows how to use traditional and innovative research strategies (methods, techniques, tools). She/He is also prepared to perform the function of an expert in the field of applied research for organizational units of all sectors of social life.

As part of the second-degree studies, it is possible to pursue one of two learning paths: a social data analyst and social communication.

Graduates of the specialization: social data analyst will have extensive knowledge of basic concepts created within the social sciences, will be able to apply them in their research, and also in advisory and evaluation practice. They will also have a rich methodological knowledge and skills and general insight into the current situation and trends occurring in particular spheres of social life.

The graduate of this specialization will be a person who: can create reports, analysis, opinion polls, can acquire data for conducting social research, conducts comprehensive analysis of the data (including the use of appropriate data analysis software), draws conclusions and proposes recommendations. The graduate of this specialtycan look for employment in companies with such departments as analytical, forecasts, promotion and development. So she/can work as an analyst – a person who performs research or completes data, analyze them, presents the possibilities of application of solutions, evaluations, trends etc.

Graduates of the social communication specialization: may take up employment in many media sectors in the field of social communication – spokespersons, advertising and public relations specialists, or electoral staffs with appropriate education in the field of issues related to many aspects of the functioning of modern societies.

Students during their studies will gain skills to conduct dialogue and to analyze messages using digital media (multimedia, digital text, graphics and animations). The acquired knowledge and skills will be helpful in effective organization and management of media institutions and will let create communication strategies.

The graduate of this specialization is a person who knows how to talk to people, knows how to care for good communication. Thanks to her/his creativity she/he is active, efficient and understands meaning of her/his actions.The graduate knows various psychological and sociological techniques and rules of functioning in a group. She/he knows how to cope with leading or organizing work in a company/organization.



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Sociology, 2-year general academic studies leading to the professional title of master’s degree